Cartier blue balloon carbon coating replica watches

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In recent years, the blue balloon series from the “sudden emergence,” and then to fame, making the world all marvel Cartier watch in the field of excellence and creativity. Especially in the last two years, the advent of the new series of timepieces more to show this point. Whether it is on behalf of male gentleman wind DRIVE DE CARTIER series of new, or vivid series of keys can highlight the brand’s unique tabulation charm. 2016, Cartier replica set sail again, for everyone to create more classic brand new timepieces, including watch house editing today to introduce a classic fashion Cartier blue balloon carbon coating watch. (Watch model: WSBB0015)


Blue balloon in the “black balloon”


“Black Balloon” replica watches uk

Inspired by the balloon of the blue balloon series in previous years really a fire, with its rich tension appearance and superior performance, won the praise of everyone. Throughout the series, each watch the crown into the replica watches sale as the same package, making the overall sense of a more intense watch. Simple layout, the atmosphere and in line with modern aesthetic round case, showing the “balloon” unique beauty.

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Stylish and elegant style of this year’s new blue balloon series of watches in the style and temperament have some changes, a change of the original style design, the first use of pure black tone it has a mysterious and fashion sense. Delicate, full of it is like a unique “black balloon”, in many blue balloon is very eye-catching, to show their unique personality and unique charm.

Was “black” blue balloon


Watch case display

Case with ADLC carbon coating (amorphous diamond-like carbon coating) steel, after grinding process to show the perfect circular beauty of the line. Texture is more moderate, issued a unique luster of the material, making the watch unique and refined at a glance.

Watch dial display

Heritage classic cheap replica watches design of the avant-garde Roman numerals in the watch dial outer ring, showing “blue balloon” charm. Convex curved case, giving the watch unlimited tension. Guilloche dial, sword-shaped pointer with red second hand makes the watch a reasonable and natural layout, reflecting the details of the cheap replica watches dial in place for the overall view of the extra points.

Series of unique groove crown


Watch crown display

And the dial “melt” as one of the groove crown, with non-slip texture design it feels more comfortable and not slip, to ensure accurate operation of the watch. Inlaid with a convex synthetic spinel, the crown of the luxury and greatly enhance the viewing.

Watch ear display

Small ear with the same ADLC carbon coating (amorphous diamond-like carbon coating) steel to build, a good case and strap to connect as one. After grinding it smooth lines, natural, perfect for the round case to add a sense of beauty.

Watch back cover display

Watch with a secret bottom technology, better protection of the movement safety. Cartier 1847 MC-type workshop equipped with refined self-winding mechanical movement, for the watch to provide a powerful “heart”, making travel more accurate.

Watch strap display

Watch buckle display

Watch with a black calfskin strap, texture, excellent, comfortable to wear. Strap connection steel folding clasp, replica watches uk to protect the wrist in the security, will not easily fall off from the wrist.

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Summary: novel style and unique style watch design, making this “black balloon” exceptionally eye-catching. Heritage basketball series classic crown design, round case and other structures, to show the unique charm of the watch series. Addition of ADLC carbon coating (non-crystalline diamond carbon coating) steel case material, let a person shines, should like this watch, then quickly start it!