Cartier Privé Tank Asymétrique Replica UK

Cartier Privé Tank Asymétrique Replica UK

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The Asymétrique replica watch came out in 1936, when it was not designed as a Tank watch, but named Parallélogramme or Losange after the case shape. A distinguishing feature of the dial of the vintage Parallélogramme watch is the Arabic numerals and baton hour markers, probably to improve the readability of the tilted dial.

Like the earlier Cartier Privé Replica UK, the watch is available in three metals-platinum, yellow gold and rose gold. It is foreseeable that the trio will closely adhere to the case metal and dial combination established by the rest of the Cartier Prive series, which means elegant and restrained colors.

Correspondingly, the dial has a fine radial frosted appearance, retaining the alternating hour markers of the original year, but the Best Replica Cartier dial uses a refined serif font, and dots are added at 6 and 12 o’clock to improve readability.

The size of the case is 47.15 mm x 26.2 mm, which is the same as the 2006 model, and has the same central lug to hold the strap in place. Due to the ultra-thin movement inside, the height of the case is only 6.38 mm.

Because of its shape, there is only a small amount of space available inside the case, so the movement must be small. This is a manually wound 1917 MC, originally an internal movement developed for ladies’ watches. It is only 2.9 mm in height, was also found in last year’s Replica Cartier Prive Tonneau, and has a 38-hour power reserve.