Cartier replica Clé de series of couples wathes

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The best gift a man can give a lover is time. Select Cartier Clé de Cartier replica couple of couples as a table to send and love the “mystery” of the ceremony, is particularly appropriate. On behalf of every second of the miss you, always thinking about whenever to want to think of him and his best time! Men and women replicaes watches models are: WHCL0002, WJCL0031

Old clocks have been the key to the chain and adjust the time of the tool until the middle of the nineteenth century, the key chain and adjust the performance of the time was gradually replaced by the crown. Today, Clé de Cartier replica uk series inspired by the design of the key, full of nostalgia and the return of the mean, had to make people feel.

Male and female watch case by 18K rose gold material to create, male table diameter of 41 mm, case thickness of 11.25 mm. Female table diameter of 31 mm, case thickness of 11.04 mm.
Male dial with hollow decoration, set off the blue Roman numerals, and the crown on the chain sapphire echoes. The mysterious needle indicates time gives a mystery.


Dial decorative silver hollow grille, with the sun pattern radiation effect, two sword-shaped pointer suspended in the dial, as if there is no connection.

Case polished, smooth and endowed with luster; case side through a special design, more layered.

At the 3 o’clock position of the 18K rose K gold-key crown, inlaid with a noble sapphire.
Table lug and case cast, conform to the case design was a natural arc, connecting fluent, flowing lines, but also conducive to watch and wrist fit.

Watch the use of a soft and tough brown crocodile leather strap, strap with a reasonable cut, the edge of the brown suture stitching, ornamental natural beauty, comfortable and generous to wear elegant.

Watch strap with rose gold to create a folding buckle links, clasp opening and closing simple, easy to wear cut easy to fall off.

Female table with internal Cartier 1847 MC-type self-made mechanical movement, while the men inside the table with Cartier 9981 MC-type workshop refined manual winding mechanical movement, with a mysterious, sub-display function, movement diameter 31.9 mm, 4.61 mm thick, With 27 gem bearings, a total of 158 pieces of movement parts, frequency 28,800 times per hour, can provide 48 hours of power to watch the storage.

Summary: Cartier Clé de Cartier fake watches curve rounded, simple lines, the table side of the full, with superb skills, to create a streamlined appearance of exquisite to rounded shape, elegant and intended to give people the feeling of flowing water.