Cartier replica Launches TRAIT D’ÉCLAT Premium Jewelry Watch

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Cartier replica from the precious ruby ​​to draw inspiration, launched TRAIT D’ÉCL AT senior jewelry watch. This 15 rubies weighs 24.93 kt, the color is uniform and transparent, rare: deep and strong red diamond luster slightly pink orange, which is unique to Mozambique ruby. Arrangement of clever ruby ​​like red ribbon, tempting around the replica watches uk, and long ladder cut diamonds in contrast. Surrounded by the ring around the ring shape and the overall layout of the seamless integration. Zhenmei wrist embellishment of the wrist, revealing delicate soft style, the darkness of the night falls among the noble ruby ​​sparkling flames like hot, full of magnificent charm charm.
Cartier TRAIT D’ÉCLAT Premium Jewelry Watch
TRAIT D’ÉCLAT Premium jewelry cheap replica watches will Cartier cherish the two major themes – ruby ​​and gorgeous combination of knot. Ruby in the Cartier style of the process occupies a pivotal position. As early as the beginning of the twentieth century, Cartier rubies will be used to decorate the princes of India jewelry. In April 1956, Princess Grace (Princess Grace) wearing a Cartier scroll crown crowned official portrait, the crown inlaid with three convex round ruby, can also be removed for the brooch to wear, favored by the princess The In 1957, Elizabeth Taylor received a Cartier Ruby necklace presented by Mike Todd, a companion, as a testimony to “Perfect Love Moment”. Cartier fake watches insisted on exploring the aesthetic style, pioneering the aesthetic trend, with a new creative interpretation of the classic ribbon decoration style, has introduced soft and delicate products.
Cartier replica uk TRAIT D’ÉCLAT Premium Jewelry Watch
18K white gold, 15 bright red oval Mozambique ruby, the total weight of 24.93 karats, long ladder cut diamonds, bright cut round drill, equipped with Cartier 101 manual winding mechanical movement.