Cartier replica new series Drive De Cartier

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Not long ago, Cartier SIHH 2016 launched a new series Drive De Cartier replica comprehensive listing Recently, I counter Beijing Wangfujing Cartier watches Guanya Macau city center, learned new series of watches the arrival of the current basic models more complete, price the same level of brand is also more competitive, the most basic models priced at 45,500 yuan.


DRIVE DE CARTIER Cartier watch series WSNM0004


In recent years, Cartier Haute Horlogerie sector to lose ground, quite successful, the new series is also a new concept beyond the more, even to the extent of a year frequent. SIHH 2016 Cartier Drive De Cartier new series in a pillow case, quickly swept, despite the pillow case is not unique Cartier, it is not only this year, on the contrary it has existed for decades, but not entirely Drive De Cartier according to the traditional pillow case creation, redesigned case with more modern and refined look charming. Watch equipped with self-produced movement, while the slim case also reflects watch excellent watchmaking.

Cartier CALIBRE DE CARTIER Series W7100018 watches


Cartier in addition to those red and purple and blue balloons, tanks and other series, low-key but not simply CALIBRE DE CARTIER apparently not many people concerned, this series is designed to balance, both in leisure and business style. Watch the overall style does not play, and everything from the basics to complex models. The Cartier watch is a full precious metal watches, the basic function of the calendar, built-in self-brand 1904MC movement based 1904-PS MC automatic movement. In a certain sense, the value of this table, more in appearance material, including all-metal exterior bracelet, indeed Aggressive.

Cartier Santos watch Yasang series W2020057


In the Cartier world, there is a class of watchmaking table provides a new way of thinking, that is hollow. Most skeleton watch, were carried out on the basis of the original movement hollow, is not to give a beautiful skeleton movement, Cartier is because hollow, so the movement to re-layout and design to ensure that the hollow special beauty. In addition, Cartier because this mind, only the iconic standard scale and movement plywood as one of the signature elements. Santos watch of this series is a good example, built-in self-produced hollow movement 9908MC.