Cartier replica objects running mysterious Tourbillon watch

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For more than a hundred years, Cartier has enjoyed the charm of mysterious timepieces. Bring the mysterious breath of the watch gives a bright feeling, mysterious timepieces originated in the creation of the mysterious bell. Mysterious clock is “mysterious” and has infinite charm, because of its platinum and diamonds to create the pointer, like hanging in the transparent body above, and the movement is not the slightest connection. As we all know, cut off the power of the part of the clock can not drive the pointer to run, but this pointer not only did not stop, but also able to accurately travel, full of “magic.” And this is full of magic watch the way, today Cartier once again bring us a visual feast. 2016 SIHH replica watches uk show, following the mysterious hour watch and double mysterious Tourbillon watch, Cartier once again launched Astromystérieux celestial body running mysterious Tourbillon watch, equipped with the pointer axis rotation of the central escapement, open A new chapter in Cartier’s mystical aesthetics. Want to know how the Cartier watch master makes the needle, the core separation of the mysterious Tourbillon watch accurate timekeeping it? Then follow me to explore the mystery of it (Watch model: W1556249)


“Eyebrows” and magic


Did you see the gears around the glass dial?

In fact, the reason why the mysterious, that is, Cartier replica uk watchmakers brought us the “barrier method”: two fixed-pointer glass and the subtle around the dial with the effect of the interaction. The pointer is fixed on the glass, the minute hand and the movement of the connection, and will not turn their own, the rotation is actually the glass and the whole structure, driven by the middle of the escapement gear, and then driven by the glass glass dial rotation, the use of visual ” Illusion “to complete this seemingly incredible, but in fact full of brand wisdom magic” walking time movement. ”

Close watch display

This series of mysterious watch watchmaking inspired by the great French magician, modern magic pioneer Jean Eugene Rober – Udon invented the clock when a wonderful idea: the pointer is not directly connected with the movement, and Is fixed on two jagged metal borders on the glass disc. The disc is driven by the movement (mostly at the bottom of the clock), driving the pointer to rotate, indicating hours and minutes, respectively. Today, Cartier’s mysterious watch, is inherited and re-interpretation of the modern style of this unique process.

Not only mysterious and cold


Watch case display

Platinum in the use of watch material is rare, mostly used in the brand limited or special models (do not rule out cases). And this fake watches uk is the use of 950 platinum material for the watch case, 43.5 mm it is not like gold case like publicity shine, platinum is full of high cold aristocratic Fan children, full of classic and low-key luxury atmosphere. After treatment, the 950 platinum reflects the soft light, very beautiful.

Watch dial show

Twisted carved dial, decorated with classic and elegant Cartier Roman times, not only provides a striking watch the conditions and decorate the watch as a whole, elegant and beautiful. Apple-shaped pointer, and the central escapement body integration, interpretation of the watch on the “miracle.”

Watch crown display

950 platinum bead-shaped crown, inlaid with a brand representative convex round sapphire. Polished platinum crown, feel good, do not slip in the operation of the watch, bringing excellent operating experience.

Watch the ear show

Polished platinum lace lines naturally smooth, ornamental full. The perfect strap and watch together for the watch as a whole add luster.

Watch back cover display

Watch with two transparent design from top to bottom, making this movement can see clearly the movement, do not have some interesting. Equipped with Cartier replica  9462 MC movement, balance wheel vibration frequency of 21,600 times per hour, power storage about 50 hours.

Watch strap with clasp display

Watch equipped with a black crocodile leather strap texture comfortable, style classic rich urban atmosphere. Connect a 18K white gold folding clasp, can be a good protection watch wrist safe, will not easily fall off.

Watch the overall display

Summary: extraordinary watch innovation, creating such a Cartier fake uk celestial body running mysterious Tourbillon watch, will represent the highest achievements of the watchmaking Tourbillon and mysterious innovation closely together to show the brand’s unique cheap replica watches concept. Inheritance and innovation, has been a powerful driving force to support the brand watchmaking. Set the mysterious charm and urban classic style as a whole, worthy of the “watch a miracle.”