Cartier replica shows the moon and night fake watches uk

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Deep starry sky, as if there is a magic, giving a kind of want to find out the temptation, watch is also true Star elements and watch the combination of tabulation features often give a unique beauty, is also one of the more popular design this year. In 2016, the Cartier replica uk Rotonde de Cartier series set sail again, will be profound and elegant design perfect fusion, launched the Rotonde de Cartier series day and night display moon phase watch, filling in the wrist between the stars of the bright, for this classic Add a unique charm.


Moon phase function with Cartier replica


Day and night different charm

As early as 1912, Cartier had to master the complex function of manufacturing moon phase. At that time, known as the “comet” or “planets” of the clock works is from the hand of Cartier, through advanced jewelry and advanced watchmaking craft show elegant and gorgeous time display. Since then, Cartier to mathematical rules based on the introduction of a variety of timepieces works. Through the Rotonde de cheap Cartier replica day and night display moon phase watch, the sky and the earth through the art of time closely linked to reflect the Cartier continue to explore the pioneer spirit of hourly aesthetics.

Watch case display

The atmosphere of 40 mm 18K rhodium-plated platinum case, the thickness of 12.16 mm. The outer ring is set with 68 bright cut diamonds, luxurious and bright. Different from the publicity of gold, platinum noble and cold. Giving a unique view of the table. After grinding and other process of treatment, platinum case issued a unique light, very beautiful.

Reverse jump phase and day and night instructions


Watch the overall display

From the dawn to the moon, the sun and the moon in the 18K rhodium-plated platinum dial from left to right above the “movement”. This high-luxury luxury fake watches has two major functions: reverse jump phase and day and night instructions. Reverse jump on the moon phase in the dotted gold powder on the dial on the moon phase pointer, where the day of the moon phase on the watch on the table at a glance. (Full moon on both sides of the sapphire embellishment, leaving the mysterious month and full moon for the diamond embellishment)

Watch dial show

Sky on the clouds between the day and the moon alternately, giving a true day and night alternately both view. In the day and night display and time stamp circle, between the dial, there are diamonds separated, the layout is reasonable, making the function between the visual impact, the time, the moon is more convenient observation of the function. Also added a beauty for the dial.

Watch crown display

Polished round crown, delicate texture, inlaid with a diamond show brand crown has always been the design style, giving the card Cartier unique charm. Crown crown at the top of a conical gem, which is Cartier a lot of high-level watch standard.

Watch the table show

Exquisite 18K rhodium-plated platinum gold ear after grinding with the case into one, a good watch and strap connected together to show the overall luxury replica watch and elegant replica watches uk.

Watch movement show

The use of sapphire crystal mirror and table back, making the movement at a glance, add to watch the fun. Equipped with Cartier 9912 MC self-winding movement, vibration frequency of 28,800 hours per hour oscillation, power storage is about 48 hours.
Watch strap display

Watch equipped with a dark blue crocodile leather strap, comfortable texture, easy to wear. Strap with 18K white gold folding clasp, inlaid 43 diamonds, and diamonds face each other, showing the overall beauty of the watch.

Watch the overall display

Summary: Diamonds and platinum meet is the combination of bright and cold, Cartier not only in the watch value on the uncompromising attention to the cheap replica watches and add a unique design of the reverse jump moon and night show two complex functions, people can In watch the watch is also able to enjoy the brand’s outstanding mechanical manufacturing skills. Like this watch a small partner may wish to enter the Cartier store to understand more of its information.