Cartier Santos Replica 2019

December 28, 2019 Off By admin

The newest collection, known officially as the Santos De Cartier Replica Watch, has twelve different models offered in “medium” and “large” sizing at 35.1-mm and 39.8-mm, respectively. Ten of these models use the traditional black and white dial, having been released in steel, steel and yellow gold, yellow gold, and rose gold; the two other models opt for skeletonized dials and a different movement from the rest of the updated collection.

On the side of the case is a pair of curved crown guards protecting the sapphire-tipped mechanism. Within the screw-down bezel, which mirrors the dimensions of the case, is the familiar dial configuration of the Cartier Replica line— with black, italicized Roman numerals printed on the outer edge, a square-shaped inner minutes “ring” cleanly framing the central, blued steel sword hands indicating the time.

It comes on the heels of last year’s commemorative century celebration of the iconic Best Replica Cartier Tank, and — although not explicitly — marks the 40th anniversary of the 1978 Santos model which transitioned the series towards a larger audience.

Besides this, it has suitably replaced the old and easily forgotten Santos 100 collection, and has accomplished this not by overhauling the historical design of the series, but by recalling both luxurious nature of the antique models and the modernizing features of the ‘70s in a better-integrated design.