Cartire replica key series WGCL0004 watches

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Cartire senior masters added new key series, key and key series named like winding crown, rounded curve simplicity is its unique style. The key lies in the proportion of accurate balance, Cartire with its exquisite artistry and strict checks on the work, to create a flawless streamline appearance. The key series inspired by the past quarter, watch the time of adjusting the way to key. According to the sources of inspiration, Cartire will join the crown top design key, open your new experience for Cartire key series. (model: WGCL0004)

The Cartire Replica key series WGCL0004 watch case is made of 18K rose gold, with a smooth curve design. It is equipped with a silver plated round dial with a solar radiation effect. The time scale uses the blue Rome digital time scale, and the sword shaped blue steel pointer. 6 point, square date display window, enhance the practical performance, but also balance the overall design of the dial.

A new series of key in the design of the crown on the watch for the key to create new styles, in the past quarter the way to form the modern design in the crown of. The crown is inlaid with a square sapphire, which keeps the crown of the Cartire in a sapphire setting and is separated from the others. If you need to watch the first or adjust the time, you will need to unscrew the crown. As for the ancient clock winding, until the screw to a certain extent, it will issue a tinkling sound, You’ll see. has good strings.

Full side, combined with inlaid sapphire crown. Proportion of accurate balance. With exquisite craftsmanship, Cartire has created exquisite and flawless flowing lines, elegant and simple style and harmonious and unified beauty.

The arc type ear watch is designed to extend the angle relative to the normal ear ring at the point of contact with the strap. The design not only makes the overall radian of the watch case more rounded, but also reduces the friction between the watch case and the watch case. In particular, the leather strap itself has a higher degree of wear, wear the wearer should pay attention to the strap maintenance.

The watch case is 40 millimeters in diameter, suitable for most men’s wrist width. Round dial design and smooth watchcase lines, whether daily wear or with formal attire, attend formal occasions, can enhance your overall temperament from the wrist.

Cartire key series WGCL0004 luxury replica watches, watchcase thickness of 11.76 mm, watchcase thickness is moderate, both sense of presence at the same time does not appear too heavy.

The Cartire key series WGCL0004 watch features a back through design with a view of the movement of the inner core from the sapphire crystal mirror on the back of the watch. Key series WGCL0004 watch with 1847MC automatic winding movement Cartire independent research and development, water depth of 30 meters, with daily waterproof performance. At the same time, the back of the table is engraved with “Cartier” in English, strict control of the details.

The strap is made of brown alligator skin, perfectly matched with rose gold watchcase. In the promotion of the overall texture and style of unity on the merits. At the same time, the crocodile’s own texture also adds to the details of the watch’s performance.

The buckle adopts the design of the folding buckle, which reduces the abrasion of the leather strap and makes the wearer convenient for daily use. The table buttons are also made of 18K rose gold.

Sapphire crystal glass material table mirror, not only can effectively reduce the daily wear for table glasses wear, for the reflection of light and keep watch mirror transparent, have very outstanding performance.

Summary: Cartire key series as Cartire series, blue balloons in a series of tanks after another masterpiece, both from the exterior design, or from the core selection, it performed favorably in the first two. Cartire sticks to traditional watchmaking techniques and details, offering perfect quality in elegance. This Cartire key series WGCL0004 watch sells for RMB 138000 yuan, and friends like it can go to the store to try it on.