Fake Cartier Introduces the Pasha de Cartier

Fake Cartier Introduces the Pasha de Cartier

October 28, 2020 Off By admin

As it does every couple of years, or decades, Cartier reintroduces one of its iconic wristwatches, this time the Fake Pasha de Cartier.

The Pasha had a water-resistant, 38 mm case – oversized for the 1980s – “Vendome” lugs, and a protective cap over the tiny crown that was attached to the case via a small chain.

The new Pasha line-up is made up of essentially two models – the 41 mm men’s replica watch and the 35 mm model for ladies. Both are essentially identical in most aspects, keeping all of the key elements of the original.

Available in stainless steel and yellow gold, the Pasha for men measures 41 mm in diameter and 9.55 mm high, making it larger than the 1985 original but smaller than the more recent, 42 mm iteration, and perhaps the most ideal size to date.

Most crucial from a practical perspective are the upgrades to the bracelet. The new Pasha features Cartier Replica UK patented QuickSwitch and SmartLink mechanisms first introduced in the Santos two years ago. The bracelet or strap can be easily detached from the case by simply depressing a tab between the lugs.

Decorated with a radial, stamped guilloche, the Fake Watches dial remains largely similar to the 1985 design, but again with some tweaks that leave the dial look a bit cleaner. The hands remain blued steel and lozenge-shaped, with large Arabic numbers at the quarters.