My goddess black ghost finally arrived

July 30, 2015 Off By admin

A watch, “melancholy” in the deep sea. To see so many famous brand watch, listen to the most is to put things right once and for all. In my memory, with the labor, are not suitable for my golden style. But after reading the Rolex watch, as if to beat my nerves which is not a Rolex to, why so arrogant, so beautiful. Go out deep in my mind, really worry.
Why do I go into the watch home, is not my big brother reunion. Hand with a rose gold what table to, really is flash blind my eyes and a string of English see do not understand the brand (glashutte 90-02). I just put in the past, brother what table, so cool ah. Let me have a look it, see. Usually think that using a mobile phone at the time what is good, why to watch it, in the way. Ask the price, heck I, which can buy a car ah really waste ah, when school with G-Shock thousands of pieces are a lot of people looking at it. But the first sight Leng. I was shocked, why is this table so good-looking and behind the transparent, that flash, flash thief good-looking. Worn on the hand look, mom, why he was wearing a nice, I’m wearing strange. The hair on the hand is not much, why not look good. Thought this table is certainly not suitable for me, too small not domineering. I the 190 heads, the station is enough arrogance, wearing the wrong table field. Ask big brother, you are where to look at the table. Then the poisoning, a get out of hand.
Look at the watch house to hear the most is once and for all, I this person Zha Zha shouts, Rolex is not easy to bad, hey, and I watch the Kelpie, the styles and more domineering ah, what other brands I didn’t pay attention to, and with a single-minded focus Kelpie, especially black ghost, keen on black. But I think that didn’t like a magnifying glass, feeling the way. So I found, the sea makes 4000, specialized to the Hongkong special counter to try to wear a look, feel wrong ah. Why is this look like a lady, Is it right? Wrong. My head wearing a crown, not a disgrace. Get the sales clerk and I quarrel, shame ah. I think a man’s watch is like a woman’s heels, always have so a. I’ll search in the watch a professional big brother, big brother who is good, good service, attitude can also be, the most important is he introduced the black ghost to me. My heart, once the beat, this is not the enlarged version of the sea to make it? Want to have this and the big brother, the price is also very reasonable. A week after, I drop a mama ah, open the box, this feeling and goddess in love ah, excited face are give me Biede red. What also said not to come out, the first of the touch is like holding her hand like in the trembling ah. Well, I don’t know what to say.