Pasha de Cartier Watch Replica vs Original

Pasha de Cartier Watch Replica vs Original

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Cheap Best Cartier Replica Watch has launched two sizes of Pasha case: diameter 41 and 35 mm. In other words, the range of one male and one female.

Women’s models are also available with a stainless steel case with a bracelet or strap and a gold case. These versions are joined by two other versions, both with rose gold cases, and the bezel is decorated with the characteristic round brilliant-cut diamonds that are common in many ladies’ Best Replica Watches UK.

When Pasha was born, it did not intend to become a sports watch, let alone a “diver”, but the bezel of this diver is still a subversive aesthetic element, a very “Cartier” quality.

In short, Swiss Replica Cartier Pasha‘s back cover and bezel can be considered very traditional because they are limited to round shapes and no more.

Pasha de Cartier – the sphere

Cartier replica vs original defines the Pasha dial design concept vividly as “square in circle”. Round case watches usually have a circular index on the dial. A watch with a certain shape, whether square, rectangular or barrel-shaped, has an index on the dial that follows the shape of the case.

In addition to the characteristic and atypical square index, the typography we have seen in the first Pasha is preserved, namely the four Arabic numerals representing 3, 6, 9 and 12 hours.

Another difference of this new Pasha is the decorative pattern at the bottom of the dial, which contrasts sharply with the original Pasha watch Replica vs original dial without all the decorations.

Pasha de Cartier – the movement

It is a 1847 MC movement, which is a self-winding movement that vibrates 28,800 times per hour and provides a 40-hour power reserve.

Cartier fake vs real cited the male and female versions of Pasha movements of the same code; the 1847 MC movement. Taking into account that they are obviously not exactly the same, if it is only because of the small module and the date stamp ring, it is strange that there are no numbers or letters attached to the reference code to distinguish it.