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Watch the art of both the high and low points, there are aesthetic contest process, so the manual has always been an indispensable part of high-level tabulation. The use of the hand of the craftsmen in the dial between the dial out of the delicate paintings, the dial of the world is not only a visual feast of gluttonous, while those old handmade skills have been passed. In countless horological masterpieces, full of creative work is always memorable, in the past 2016 years, many brands launched different from the daily wear of the replica watches sale design, integration of the unique and extraordinary heritage, stunning Gorgeous.

Cartier world elegant and elegant cheetah

Cheetah in the Cartier world carrying a unique aesthetic strength, where it is no longer a ferocious beast, but was turned into a beautiful and mysterious creative inspiration, in people’s neck, wrist or chest blooming Charming glory. 2016 Cartier master once again introduced the cheetah elements into the design of high-level watch, through the carving, polishing, enamel, jewelry, precious stones inlay and other ancient heritage of craftsmanship and watchmaking skills into one, the achievements of this unique work of gods.
Cartier Ballon Bleu De Cartier Enamel Bead Process Cheetah Decorative Watch

Enamel bead technology

Cartier Ballon Bleu De Cartier enamel beads craft Cheetah decorative replica watches uk  meticulous style, the use of the master craftsman cheetah deep eyes, light beard and supple fur to show the vivid, elegant grace perfect bloom. This watch uses a unique enamel beads process, this process is to draw inspiration from the metal bead process, the first enamel enamel cut into small pieces or crushed into powder, and then stretch to filaments, and then cut into After heating by a torch, the filament segments are melted into pellets. The size of the beads depends on the diameter of the enamel filaments. Master craftsman then according to the color and shape of the design patterns, the enamel round beads into the chassis. The difficulty of this process is that, due to different colors of enamel melting temperature is different, need to go through dozens of firing in order to achieve the desired final results.

Blancpain set off waves


Blancpain Villeret classic series waves watch

Blancpain hundred years of exquisite watchmaking skills, not only reflected in the achievements of advanced and complex functions, but also has a wealth of technology aesthetics, such as the more rare Damascus gold and red copper process, or the traditional enamel, metal engraving process, etc. , This is by no means overnight to be cast.

Woodcut “Kanagawa Okinawa”

2016 Basel Watch Fair, Blancpain launched more than one extraordinary craftsmanship, such as cherry and Jurchen watch, and the Butterfly Lovers series, all show Blancpain rich aesthetic heritage. One of the waves watch dial inspired by the Japanese Ukiyo-e painting artist Katsushika Noguchi’s famous woodcut “Kanagawa red wave”, watchmakers will be moved to the classic painting to the dial, the image vividly show Kanagawa Sea waves screaming waves rolling up and down, the waves in the waves in the ups and downs of the scene, the wind and waves impingement of the performance of the most tense atmosphere.

Parmigiani Erotic “Kaleidoscope”, “Pine” and “ripples”


Parmigiani ultra-complex Toric series of watches

Parmigiani is one of the few top-of-the-range watchmaking brands to achieve complete independence today. Its appeal lies not only in the restoration of antique watches and machinery but also in the contemporary presentation of watchmaking. In the 2016 SIHH period, Parmigiani launch of the ultra-complex Toric series cheap replica watches enthusiasts caused by the same reputation, through a variety of handmade art and aesthetic design, to create a different picture of this dial.

Such as kaleidoscope-like rose-shaped decoration

This is called “kaleidoscope” watch the biggest feature is that the dial and the central decoration can be started with the three asked the device to rotate and dance, creating a fascinating kaleidoscope effect, gives a dream of three-dimensional visual experience, can not help with To promote the optical effect of sleep. Eye-catching rose-shaped ornaments with circular shape of the stickers, after a series of hollow and hand-chamfering made; and the bottom of the gold dial to create a purely hand-decorated grid decoration and plated with black gold, meandering roundabout As if from the center of the rose-shaped watch accessories from the extension.
Inlaid process Pine dial

Pine and cypress Changqing meaning vitality and immortality, Parmigiani watchmakers cleverly to this pattern concentrated in the dial of the square inch, through the excellent inlay process will be branches, Qiu knot and needle leaves to show In the dial on the same time, combined with exquisite nuanced carving process, so that needles root clear, even between the needle is also vivid in the small gap between the overall give a natural sensation.

The hand-engraved ripple pattern

Quiet surface of the water ripples thrown up, is the natural aesthetics is the source of inspiration, Parma Johnny watchmakers using pure hand-engraved process in the Toric series of watches to create this charming three-dimensional deep sense of depth. Dial on each ripple are hand-engraved, hammered from, and even the design of the case also uses a circular carved and knurled decoration, as if ripples spread.

The Beauty of the Earl Rose


Piaget Altiplano gold engraved watch

Earl Rose beauty of the elegant and moving, it is admirable, so delicate works to be benefited from a pair of artisans skilled, the ancient heritage of the golden carving process to the limit, so that roses blooming in the multi-dial on the interpretation of The flowers of the mix, as well as the unique emotional charm, it is an unforgettable.

Polished with rubber polishing wheel to do the final

The diamond powder was polished

In such a thin gold dial carved out of this lifelike rose works need to have superb skills, Earl Master craftsman first disk to draw tools to outline the outline of the petals, followed by a very precise carving techniques to gradually forming petals , Hook with a rose from the inside out of the distinctive sense of hierarchy, to create a three-dimensional sense of ups and downs.

Van Cleef & Arpels water fairy gracefully


Van Cleef & Arpels Lady Arpels series of water fairy watch

Van Cleef & Arpels is good at drawing inspiration from all the aesthetic works, this new watch to the earlier launch of a high-level jewelry brooch as inspiration, combined with sophisticated tabulation of the poetic complex functions, for the replica watches online into the charming dynamic and dynamic.

Filled with enamel process + micro-painted

Precious stones inlaid

Each element of the watch dial is a blend of different processes, such as filling enamel, micro-painting process and precious stones mosaic. The surface of the water is painted glass enamel, creating a crystal clear effect; petals, flowers and water fairy sitting green leaves are dark green Shafu Lai garnet, pink sapphire and orange-yellow manganese garnet made of the sun from Yellow sapphire paved with, and the diamond at the two ends of the horizon echo each other, all this constitutes a graceful scene of water fairy.

Bvlgari continued to play the snake myth


Bvlgari Serpenti Incantati hollow tourbillon watch

Inspired by the spirit of the Bvlgari Serpenti collection, the snake, which has been deduced in a moving posture, has taken root in ancient Roman culture and has been deeply implanted into Bulgari’s countless designs. In 2016 the new replica watches design, this charming charming snake, through the high-level watches and jewelry and charming interpretation, from the snakehead to the snake have been re-conceptual design, showing a very sense of modeling lines. Bvlgari craftsmen with excellent gem mosaic process, the stars will be bright and charming diamonds and luxurious gold case fusion, and with sophisticated watchmaking skills, making the snake is not only the charm of the gesture, but also to the mysterious The beauty of mechanical beauty touched people.

Audemars Piguet opened the possibility of fine jewelry watches


Audemars Piguet Diamond Fury fine jewelry watch

Change can not be possible, perhaps the origin of all innovation. Audemars Piguet as the industry well-known high-level complex cheap replica watches brand, maintaining a unique style of watchmaking, but also explore the possibilities of fine jewelry watch the world, this year launched Diamond Fury fine jewelry watch is the best proof, Its amazing beauty, it is impressed

6077 6078
Exclusive inlay process
Inspired by the classic punk-era motif, the Diamond Fury watch is a collaboration of Brassiere’s designers, engineers and jewelers who combine the luxury of diamonds and platinum with a top-mounted mosaic of 4841 Diamonds, and ultimately showing a pyramid-shaped rivets arranged in a law, very layered. One of the most mysterious design is, gently touch a small device, the mysterious dial can be in the elegant and elegant clothes against the background of gorgeous diamond, two blue pointer light jump on the square dial, the dial is not too much modification, Only at 12 o’clock decorated with a classic brand mark, highlights Audemars Piguet watch continue to break through the traditional ideas of innovative ideas.

Chopin Rainbow seven colors change CLS


Chopard Imperiale jewelry replica watch

Luxury is always no lack of extraordinary Zhenzuo, with this piece of beautiful Chopard watch the United States Imperiale jewelry once again shine, it is like a rainbow across the horizon, blooming seven colors of light. Masterpieces of the watchmaking selection of a variety of luxurious colorful gemstones, the use of superb professional skills to cut the gradient of the gradient gorgeous sapphire gorgeous lined in the dial, case and bracelet on top of the crown and ear are inlaid with amethyst, gem luxury bloom Changing Huacai, Seiko secret agents, people amazing.
Summary: all wonderful are inspired by the inspiration, highly creative craftsmen to the exquisite mechanical world to the poetic, noble and gorgeous, and the success of the watch immortal. Each of the extraordinary works are devoted to the soul of the manufacturer, but also the status of mankind in the clock the most powerful proof of progress. Who can say that these replica watches uk and clocks after the Seiko secret agents masterpiece, is not the art of surviving it?