The 36 year old Rolex black drowner gift detoxification

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Let’s talk about the idea of buying a table.
Buy the first mechanical watch about 4 years ago, at that time, Longines and Malibu oris contrasts in a long time. Longines feel some rotten street, the spokesperson is Nicholas Tse Hawley, don’t feel like. See the Mingshi has just been included under the command of Richemont, awareness will increasingly high, so we selected the Mingshi classima MOA08791, at that time in the country to find the Hendry’s friend, 8 fold of. With more than 3 years, feeling pretty good, very low-key. Because the leather strap for dress, work is time belt, usually go out to play for, with a Casio table mountain, back and forth for the band.
It changed a lot of trouble, find out a lot of people know the table, recommend Rolex nigger. Dress, leisure is suitable and sturdy and durable, it is suitable for me this entry-level wear.
Thus began in the watch House Forum, all the diving learning, get the jar, the guidance of the master (as to who, it is certainly the jar the famous Golden brother and UI brother, everyone knows that. Slowly understand Rolex, also more like Rolex. Finally by comparison and screening, combined with their actual economic conditions, selected the nigger, blue black circle, yacht 1 blue disc and BLACKSTEEL Di quad. Also know that a lot of the table is not available to meet.
7 months just a friend of the family to go to Germany to travel, let him help in Germany to see, if you can buy just for their upcoming 36 year old birthday as a gift (I was born in August).
When the man arrived in Hamburg, he began to look for my watch, and he ran the four home of the hamburger. After a store of 14 blue green glass, sent to the photo feel brothers seem old-fashioned. Can only give up. Because a man only has time to shop in Hamburg, Hamburg is not. At that time, make me feel very depressed. Not all hate day to the domestic shop was a bargain price of 20 percent off ~85%, the heart can accept.
Who knows how to turn on the, on Friday night, suddenly received a friend’s phone, said in Frankfurt, the hotel downstairs store table, the nigger, yacht. (heard later, the store was opened, many people do not know) compared to the price, or take the nigger. The words and the table is really a fate, my personal sleep is not good, the general sleep at night are shut down, is catching a cold, 9 points to sleep, before going to bed also hesitated about whether or not to shut down. Finally, keep it open. Because of the elder brothers in a foreign country has put all cards are maxed out, if not contact me, not to give him money, really can not buy (originally said in advance to give him money, he said he would not have to buy things, credit card money enough, do not advance to. Who knows the man in Hamburg ole all buy buy buy burst).
Not much said, is the fate. Below. Again, its best to cut the strap, I can’t wait in China World Trade Center on the two floor of the flower shop repair table 50 sections. Yesterday to Laofu measured travel time, service personnel said before appeared outside cut strap tight and not a screw, then finish walking after, I watch the screws are tightened. When the time is: 2 seconds a day. Finally, a price: 42800 yuan RMB. So we asked.