The Fake Tank Must de Cartier in Colours

The Fake Tank Must de Cartier in Colours

April 3, 2021 Off By admin

The Tank Must de Cartier Replica UK series includes three sizes of watch cases: small, large and extra large. In addition to the classic silver dial variant, this large model is also available in three attractive monochrome versions, which feature minimal dial printing and blue, green or red lacquered dials.

The rich dial color of the new Tank Must de Cartier large color series draws inspiration from the original design, although the green dial has no historical basis and may try to take advantage of the current popularity of the color.

The new Cartier Replica watch has undergone some popular modern adjustments. The original case is gold-plated, or gold-plated sterling silver, while the new case is made of stainless steel.

Cartier chose a pointer-style synthetic cabochon convex surface on the crown, rather than the round convex surface found on the original. In addition, the text on the dial has been reduced to a minimum, avoiding the “Must de Cartier” text and Best Replica Cartier Watch double C logo.

The new watch uses a quartz movement with an alligator leather strap.